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Third Request to PLaza Abt Job Description & Visa/Permit Inquiry

July 31, 2007

Dear Mr. Crane,


Thanks for sending me the messages.


Herewith I inform you that though all your correspondence is thoroughly passed to interested people by publishing it on the, the job announcement is incomplete for some reasons stated in the messages sent to you on the matter, dd of June 24-27, 2007.


I would like to restate the questions mentioned in the above communications, which must be clarified, as follows:


1. Job Descriptions (i.e. Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities of the Parties – Employer and Employee), gross earnings and net pay for the positions of : – Sales Managers (catering, food, beverages), – Security Officers (day and night), – Laundry, – Cleaners. This information is a must for a Labour/Employment Contract/Agreement (Contract).


2. Exact need of the Hotel in Employees by positions (a breakdown).


3. Rules, regulations and instructions of the hotel you’ve mentioned the Employees should comply with.


4. An authorized person to act for communication, negotiation and signing the Contracts on behalf of Eden Plaza Hotel in London, name, title and other references.


5. Send us the Contract form. Otherwise I will send you mine, because the Contract is a must for getting the work permit.


6. The Plaza Hotel will organize the work permit getting and will pay for it and other involved expenses or fees (visa etc.) at its expense. This means that we will send to the Hotel Plaza in London (68-69 Queens Gate) all the documents that you will inform us to send, which the hotel will use for getting the work permit and other necessary documents. The hotel will process all data from our documents and will send it to the Immigration office for getting work permits. Besides that, the hotel must guarantee to undertake all necessary measures to succeed in getting all necessary documents. With that purpose, please visit

and other useful resources.

You must KNOW that I CANNOT apply for the work permit directly – ‘You cannot apply directly for a work permit. The employer in the UK who wants to employ you must do this. They should contact Work Permits (UK). (Contact details are under ‘More advice and information’ at the end of this guidance.) ‘ – as cited from

Xcelerate/ ShowPage&c=Page&cid=1018721068127!!!

Have you ever got the UK Work Permit? Please Do treat this matter Seriously or commission somebody else with the responsibility on behalf of Eden Plaza Hotel in London!


Please confirm in feedback that you understand all stated above and make sure to answer all the 6 points, to provide me with full and correct answers regarding all the employment terms and conditions.


Please be informed, that there is no group in Ukraine desiring to work for the hotel Eden Plaza in London, right now, thus there is no grope leader to sign a group Contract. Though several people people got interested in the mentioned above jobs, when I told them about that and who checked the job announcement themselves, but hesitate for not having got any job descriptions or a Contract yet and we will sign the Contracts for just a year long period of employment.


Thus, please send us the Employment a Contract form as specific as possible and answer the mentioned questions, otherwise we cannot come to any clear agreement with you.

Sincerely, Mykhaylo 30/07/2007

P.S. I remind you that the most important messages of our communication are also available at


The letter is sent into the following addresses:

“EDEN” <>, “EDEN” <>, “EdenPlazaKensigton” <>


3 Top Notions About Success

June 27, 2007

There are many things that make us feel satisfied and feeling good: going out, drinking, eating, watching TV, listening to the music and so on. Do the things make us happy, or better say happy for long?

I say no, at least not only the things, at least not for long – all these make a pleasure for a day or for a week and not much longer. So, what does make people happier?

People are different, but there are some truths right for everyone – these are: playing or communicating with friends and relatives, strong and solid background in our lives in form of fortune or wealth and good health, thanks which we can satisfy all the previous values. So far, these are the main basics, which put bricks into our happiness. And what is more important, our success depends on the values considerably, because it is intertwined with our happiness.

Our success is what we feel we achieve in our life and feel satisfaction so far. When we have good friends or a good job, or a nice family, we feel and we know are successful and happy. When we win in a tournament or a contest, or when we feel acknowledgment and respect from people, then we are successful and happy again!

Moreover, doctors prove that people who are successful and happy live better and longer! To be happy and successful is not to have much property or goods, but to feel comfort and love in the society, to a certain extent, harmony. That’s said that you will not regret of the spent or waisted years when you’ve reached such a condition. It’s also called as Nirvana or Felicity, but is it possible to rank and develop the main categories in the modern world?

The aspect is too huge for touching it in full in the writing, so let’s decide on body – sports and exercising, mind – purity and conscience and soul – family and friends.

1. Respect your body to get happiness!

None will argue that we are happy as long as don’t feel pain or when we are in good shape. Thus, don’t be bored going out, playing games or visiting gym. I have overcome a difficult period in my life when decided that this was unimportant and gave up my ‘active rest’. In the nutshell, I ‘ve spent three long years to restore my physical condition.

You will say that not everyone has enough time and health for that. Common, take your health seriously and your body will thank you and you will thank it! Start finding half an hour for a daily walk. Buy a couple of weights for exercising three hours a week. Work on your press on the floor rag and set a horizontal bar for tightening and making the belly strong every morning within about ten minutes.

Do you know, what a curious thing I’ve figured out during the period of recovery? The body will make for you everything that you want from it, by just doing what I’ve mentioned above. Anything – from losing extra weight to making you as strong as ever before! And this is a great part of your happiness and success, believe me!

2. You are what you eat … and Think!

If you saw people eating too much fast-foods, you will agree that it destroys them because of all the unhealthiness. Disorderly thinking makes the same effect upon our souls and minds! And this can make us unhappy and weak both in souls and minds.

How to address and separate bad thoughts from good ones? As for me, it’s very simple. The brain and body will suggest to you what to think better about – any frustration and fear destroys something in us. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel anything like that. But we should seek to get rid of the bad feelings. When you’re in a rage, just calm down. Think that what is done is for better, or how you can fix it, or that even irrevocable losses are just the part of our life, this is inevitable and built it in people’s life.

Stop thinking of loosing money or a chance. Better think of others that of yourself right that time, it cures the soul!

3. No way to escape from connections!

We are social creatures as well as most beings. I can hardly imagine, how I would have lived somewhere in deep forests, far away from any creature that I could mingle with. I remember some cases when I felt lonely even among people! Was something wrong with me in that case? No.

As a saying goes, ‘tell me who your friends are and I can judge on you’. There is no need to connect with anyone you meet. You can dislike people for their disrespect, neglect or offensive conduct. This is right, but shouldn’t make you hate them – better you forget of negative experience and switch to what really makes you happy – your pets, friends or family. Here it is where the connections must be continuous and plain. Otherwise none of the endeavors to health and soul will be succeeded.

Thus, make yourself sociable, don’t waist your free time on watching TV, but go out to see people – your friends, co-workers or family, travel for some time and make new friends and get new experience. Visit places that admire you the most. Get skills that are the most interesting for you from people who will probably become your teachers or friends for the rest of life. If you wish to get rid of connections with people, then do it in a calm way. Never do offend hem, it might happen that your life tracks will intersect.

Believe me, these simple advices are hard to be performed. But just try them yourself and see how considerable the changes will be! Don’t be afraid to be happy and bring happiness to others, this is worth it!

by Andrey Avail


A Notion on Successful Careerism

June 25, 2007

Building careers is more of planning than of accident. But luck can make you change the track, from which you can start building something new and exciting, that you probably didn’t plan seriously before.

The question I raise here is ‘Whether we can be successful in life as well as millions of famous, and not just famous, people around us’? I will add new fractions to the formula of success or luck, in its multifaceted reflections.

Let’s decide on writing by Penelope Trunk, who is a very interesting writer, devoting her advice to make working people happier while not abandoning their personal lives and being more comfortable dictating their will at work. It is devoted to a “Braided Career”, which you can find at

The main idea of the advice is that starting a braided career will help you make sure to have time and money to create the life you want.

For example, you can get a corporate job for a short time to earn money and then to take a backpack and a slipping bag. She assures that this will make you feel unstable. Rather you will get much fun and experience which will become invaluable.
This is what she calls to be a ‘learning to create stability through transition’/ The advice is very good for intertwining of work and personal – family, friends, passion etc.
But the question is whether you can call the result a ‘Career’?
To give grounds to the point of view Penelope shows her own example. She was a professional volleyball player, then she was an executive, later an entrepreneur running two companies, and later – a columnist and a successful writer publishing her ‘Brazen Careerist’.

I do agree that people should believe in chance and make all efforts to make their dreams come true.

Let’s take an actress Charlize Theron who seems to be successful on the track of a braided career for example. She grew up at farm in Africa. She had being training ballet for 12 yrs before her mother sent her to become a model in Italy. A year later she shifted her career and decided to move to NY to become a ballet dancer. After a trauma she shifted again, being well supported by her mother, to CA – to try chance of becoming an actress. Having 2 desperate years spent in CA, she run into someone very famous and rich who helped who to start her actress career with the first honorary of $ 10 mn. Good example, isn’t it?
This is what the advise of a braided career about. I’ve written that I believe in luck.
As you see, luck have not much in common with building or planning. Ch. Theron didn’t plan starring with $ 10 mn fee at the beginning of her career. It’s all of a luck. She’s confessed to thinking of coming back from CA to Africa wrapping bags at the farm, if not the chance.

I’ve written in my comments to Penelope that ‘building career, affording material things, long-time and long journeys or happy retirement if the ‘braided career’ is applied’ – Might Not Happen, if a person has no plan.

The braided career has not much in common with building and planning, it’s mostly a matter of chance or occurrence and ability of a person not to miss the chance. It’s more similar to winning a jack-pot: everyone expect but few win 🙂

It turns out that many people build their career, without having strong plan of building it. Then a success and a luck play important role in the beginning of such a careerism.

In my opinion, the braided careers seem to be more of a condition of career ‘choosing’ of the women, rather than ‘building’ their careers. I believe that if P.Trunk had understood her writer’s gift earlier, she would have succeeded earlier too. On the other hand, she wouldn’t have had that rich life experience she uses to make her advices.

Thus, the one who succeeds in a braided career, is likely to build an ordinary career after the final and successful career track is found.

By Andrey Avail.