Eden Plaza Hotel (London) Labour Contract Terms


Dear Mr. Crane!

I have received your Letter of Agreement, though we are waiting for a Contract, as promised. Thanks for your prompt reply.

Please confirm that the Letter of Agreement is sent just for instance and doesn’t cancel our previous agreement, which we agreed upon in the previous e-messages of June, as following:
– “accommodation, travel and other costs or fees will be born by Eden Plaza hotel solely, without any attempt of “deducting %s or money from the Workers (Employees) monthly or other salary/wages or revenues (salary)”,

– “any travel, visa or work permit fees or other expenses involved will be born solely by Eden Plaza hotel, without any compensation from the Employee’s salary”.

You should also inform us about the mentioned “rules, regulations and instructions as given or stated by the Management” prior signing any agreement or Contract. Otherwise the part of the agreement is considered to be invalid.

At first and foremost, any contract that doesn’t include all the particularities is invalid since the very signing date, thus any omission of the Labour Contract’s (Contract) terms/conditions (terms) will harm Eden Plaza, and what is worse can harm us, because we’ve handed the announcement over to interested potential Ukrainian Employees, and are responsible for your reliability too.

Thus, please elaborate the Contract terms to prevent from incurring losses on your and our side in case you hire people on the terms as provided for in the Letter of Agreement.

Please note, that if you stuck into the Agreement’s conditions and be persistent with them, we will pass it to the workers. Then, be informed, that we escape from any responsibility for any further actions of workers that you will employ through us. It is provided for in rulings, that our Employees are under our jurisdiction. Thus, be informed, that Ukraine (where the Employees originate from) doesn’t acknowledge blank contracts. In this case, having hired our Employees you will actually have No Contract at all. All the Employees’ rights will be protected in their whole scope as provided for by the legislation of Ukraine, which is the only one applicable to employment of Ukrainians.


If you agree to work further on these conditions, we will immediately fetch the workers to you signing any letters without validity you desire.


Please confirm, that you’ve received the message and provide us with contract as for your local (the United Kingdom of Great Britain) people, fully elaborated, and confirm that having employed our people on the grounds of the given Letter of Agreement, you realize that you will employ them without any agreement besides the terms and conditions you provided us with in the advertising through the Internet, having sent it directly on our personal message boxes, which we made public with your consent.


Looking forward to your reply.


We set here time for your due, full and distinct answer as 3 (three) calendar days in written, sending e-message either to this mail-box or to www.andreyavail.wordpress.com directly, and, having no proper reply from you within the time, we will consider you accept all the terms and conditions we have stated in this message and hire/employ people on these terms/conditions.


Yours faithfully,




P.S. Please inform the exact breakdown on the vacations as to quantity of Employees needed per position/vacation.

Please Be informed, that if otherwise will not be stated in your follow up reply, or you will not answer this message clearly, fully and distinctly, we will consider to be valid all the terms of the announcement set on the web-site www.andreyavail.wordpress.com. and the following terms will be applied too:

  • the salary/wage shown in the announcement, is in the net amount, which is subject to payment in full on monthly basis, without any deduction and under no circumstances;

  • all your commitments/obligations as to Employee’s working hours and rest/relaxation hours, as well as vacations, social, life and labour security, tax or fine payments, and all other responsibilities and obligations will be born by Eden Plaza hotel solely, in their full amount and cost;

  • if the Labour/employment contract/agreement will be terminated due to illegal activities of Eden Plaza hotel, the hotel will solely bear all incurred losses and other negative consequences, and will compensate any losses the Employee will be subjected to;

  • any of the Ukrainian Employees will be able protect his rights according to provisions of the legislation of Ukraine. While any discussions and litigations between the Employee and the Eden Plaza hotel Ukrainian laws of substance and legislation will be applied.

We are sending the message to http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=216109671, EDEN [Edit] edenhotelplazalondon@yahoo.co.uk, edenplazahotelrecruitment@yahoo.co.uk, stay@edenplazakensington.co.uk to you, Mr. Patrick Crane, as to the Manager, who is authorized by Eden Plaza hotel in London to employ workers and officers, as well as to discuss any terms/conditions of hiring/employing them, set contract/agreement terms/conditions, and sign any contracts with them on behalf of Eden Plaza hotel in London (the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Tel: 020 73706111
Address: 68-69 Queens Gate, London, SW7 5JT

Besides that we publish the message on www.andreyavail.wordpress.com and send it to all others potentially interested in the employment.



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