10 Secrets of Successful Writing

1. Plan Your Writing Activity.
Plan your main, professional or personal activities, and intertwine them with writing so that no emergency would have influenced your ability to write according to the plan.
2. Cut Down Your Projects.
Make your projects short and interesting so that you wouldn’t get bored because of writing.
3. Study to Accelerate Yourself.
Writing demands good knowledge of a subject. Thus, study as much of it as possible first. When you’re bored, start writing immediately. You will see how the quick shift of activities will release all the studied material in the flow of good writing.
4. Don’t Interrupt Your Writing Flow.
When writing, keep writing without noticing how good or bad is your grammar or spelling. Just write and fix what’s written later.
5. Don’t Press Yourself. Find Some Joy!
Your mind is a machine that needs a special treatment for specific actions. When you communicate to children, your thoughts must be kind and loving to make the children believe you and love you. When you communicate to readers by means of writing, you must shine with the same light – to make you readers believe you.
6. Put Some Jokes Into Writing.
When you joke, it makes writing easier and funny. Even mocking will do. You will remove the jokes if they are inappropriate, later on.
7. Write Every Day.
This is very easy to write an hour a day. If you have a 5-hour writing assignment, you will make it without spending any separate hour from your days off. Besides that, you will not lose your skills.
8. Choose As Many Topics As Possible.
Writing on different topics will make you a better professional and will improve your personal skills. You will get prepared to perform different assignments and list of your writings will be a proof thereto.
9. Develop Chosen Topics to Their ‘Bottom’.
A writer must elaborate topics in full. This means that you can find different ways of application for your writing or the subject to which the writing is devoted. For example, you can write on  marketing and  make up a good logo for a business that you can sell to an entrepreneur etc.
10. Find Out All About Your Niche.
You can choose writing articles for magazines, edit them, write books and reviews. Whatever you do, you should find out all about one subject. Otherwise it’s impossible to get the best paid job and be widely recognized. On the other hand, knowing all about one subject will allow you spend much less time on writing and switch to new ones.


One Response to “10 Secrets of Successful Writing”

  1. andreyavail Says:

    ‘…Otherwise it’s impossible to get the best paid job and be widely recognized…’

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