3 Top Notions About Success

There are many things that make us feel satisfied and feeling good: going out, drinking, eating, watching TV, listening to the music and so on. Do the things make us happy, or better say happy for long?

I say no, at least not only the things, at least not for long – all these make a pleasure for a day or for a week and not much longer. So, what does make people happier?

People are different, but there are some truths right for everyone – these are: playing or communicating with friends and relatives, strong and solid background in our lives in form of fortune or wealth and good health, thanks which we can satisfy all the previous values. So far, these are the main basics, which put bricks into our happiness. And what is more important, our success depends on the values considerably, because it is intertwined with our happiness.

Our success is what we feel we achieve in our life and feel satisfaction so far. When we have good friends or a good job, or a nice family, we feel and we know are successful and happy. When we win in a tournament or a contest, or when we feel acknowledgment and respect from people, then we are successful and happy again!

Moreover, doctors prove that people who are successful and happy live better and longer! To be happy and successful is not to have much property or goods, but to feel comfort and love in the society, to a certain extent, harmony. That’s said that you will not regret of the spent or waisted years when you’ve reached such a condition. It’s also called as Nirvana or Felicity, but is it possible to rank and develop the main categories in the modern world?

The aspect is too huge for touching it in full in the writing, so let’s decide on body – sports and exercising, mind – purity and conscience and soul – family and friends.

1. Respect your body to get happiness!

None will argue that we are happy as long as don’t feel pain or when we are in good shape. Thus, don’t be bored going out, playing games or visiting gym. I have overcome a difficult period in my life when decided that this was unimportant and gave up my ‘active rest’. In the nutshell, I ‘ve spent three long years to restore my physical condition.

You will say that not everyone has enough time and health for that. Common, take your health seriously and your body will thank you and you will thank it! Start finding half an hour for a daily walk. Buy a couple of weights for exercising three hours a week. Work on your press on the floor rag and set a horizontal bar for tightening and making the belly strong every morning within about ten minutes.

Do you know, what a curious thing I’ve figured out during the period of recovery? The body will make for you everything that you want from it, by just doing what I’ve mentioned above. Anything – from losing extra weight to making you as strong as ever before! And this is a great part of your happiness and success, believe me!

2. You are what you eat … and Think!

If you saw people eating too much fast-foods, you will agree that it destroys them because of all the unhealthiness. Disorderly thinking makes the same effect upon our souls and minds! And this can make us unhappy and weak both in souls and minds.

How to address and separate bad thoughts from good ones? As for me, it’s very simple. The brain and body will suggest to you what to think better about – any frustration and fear destroys something in us. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel anything like that. But we should seek to get rid of the bad feelings. When you’re in a rage, just calm down. Think that what is done is for better, or how you can fix it, or that even irrevocable losses are just the part of our life, this is inevitable and built it in people’s life.

Stop thinking of loosing money or a chance. Better think of others that of yourself right that time, it cures the soul!

3. No way to escape from connections!

We are social creatures as well as most beings. I can hardly imagine, how I would have lived somewhere in deep forests, far away from any creature that I could mingle with. I remember some cases when I felt lonely even among people! Was something wrong with me in that case? No.

As a saying goes, ‘tell me who your friends are and I can judge on you’. There is no need to connect with anyone you meet. You can dislike people for their disrespect, neglect or offensive conduct. This is right, but shouldn’t make you hate them – better you forget of negative experience and switch to what really makes you happy – your pets, friends or family. Here it is where the connections must be continuous and plain. Otherwise none of the endeavors to health and soul will be succeeded.

Thus, make yourself sociable, don’t waist your free time on watching TV, but go out to see people – your friends, co-workers or family, travel for some time and make new friends and get new experience. Visit places that admire you the most. Get skills that are the most interesting for you from people who will probably become your teachers or friends for the rest of life. If you wish to get rid of connections with people, then do it in a calm way. Never do offend hem, it might happen that your life tracks will intersect.

Believe me, these simple advices are hard to be performed. But just try them yourself and see how considerable the changes will be! Don’t be afraid to be happy and bring happiness to others, this is worth it!

by Andrey Avail



2 Responses to “3 Top Notions About Success”

  1. andreyavail Says:

    ‘…tread softer with your dreams. Your dreams might wreck other’s dreams…’

  2. jen Says:

    Thanks very much for your comment on my blog.

    Good luck with this.

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