A Notion on Successful Careerism

Building careers is more of planning than of accident. But luck can make you change the track, from which you can start building something new and exciting, that you probably didn’t plan seriously before.

The question I raise here is ‘Whether we can be successful in life as well as millions of famous, and not just famous, people around us’? I will add new fractions to the formula of success or luck, in its multifaceted reflections.

Let’s decide on writing by Penelope Trunk, who is a very interesting writer, devoting her advice to make working people happier while not abandoning their personal lives and being more comfortable dictating their will at work. It is devoted to a “Braided Career”, which you can find at http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/2007/06/06/

The main idea of the advice is that starting a braided career will help you make sure to have time and money to create the life you want.

For example, you can get a corporate job for a short time to earn money and then to take a backpack and a slipping bag. She assures that this will make you feel unstable. Rather you will get much fun and experience which will become invaluable.
This is what she calls to be a ‘learning to create stability through transition’/ The advice is very good for intertwining of work and personal – family, friends, passion etc.
But the question is whether you can call the result a ‘Career’?
To give grounds to the point of view Penelope shows her own example. She was a professional volleyball player, then she was an executive, later an entrepreneur running two companies, and later – a columnist and a successful writer publishing her ‘Brazen Careerist’.

I do agree that people should believe in chance and make all efforts to make their dreams come true.

Let’s take an actress Charlize Theron who seems to be successful on the track of a braided career for example. She grew up at farm in Africa. She had being training ballet for 12 yrs before her mother sent her to become a model in Italy. A year later she shifted her career and decided to move to NY to become a ballet dancer. After a trauma she shifted again, being well supported by her mother, to CA – to try chance of becoming an actress. Having 2 desperate years spent in CA, she run into someone very famous and rich who helped who to start her actress career with the first honorary of $ 10 mn. Good example, isn’t it?
This is what the advise of a braided career about. I’ve written that I believe in luck.
As you see, luck have not much in common with building or planning. Ch. Theron didn’t plan starring with $ 10 mn fee at the beginning of her career. It’s all of a luck. She’s confessed to thinking of coming back from CA to Africa wrapping bags at the farm, if not the chance.

I’ve written in my comments to Penelope that ‘building career, affording material things, long-time and long journeys or happy retirement if the ‘braided career’ is applied’ – Might Not Happen, if a person has no plan.

The braided career has not much in common with building and planning, it’s mostly a matter of chance or occurrence and ability of a person not to miss the chance. It’s more similar to winning a jack-pot: everyone expect but few win 🙂

It turns out that many people build their career, without having strong plan of building it. Then a success and a luck play important role in the beginning of such a careerism.

In my opinion, the braided careers seem to be more of a condition of career ‘choosing’ of the women, rather than ‘building’ their careers. I believe that if P.Trunk had understood her writer’s gift earlier, she would have succeeded earlier too. On the other hand, she wouldn’t have had that rich life experience she uses to make her advices.

Thus, the one who succeeds in a braided career, is likely to build an ordinary career after the final and successful career track is found.

By Andrey Avail.


2 Responses to “A Notion on Successful Careerism”

  1. Penelope Trunk Says:

    Hi, Andrey.

    Congratulations on your new blog!

    You have a lot of ideas here. I think the idea that everyone needs some luck is true. But we can’t rely on luck. That is partly why a braided career works — because if you always have three strands, three things going, then you have three chances at big luck instead of one chance.

    The other reasons I like the braided career model is becuase what I have needed from a career has been different in didfferent parts of my life. I am great at starting new businesses and getting them off the ground very quickly. But that is extremely intense and time consuming and I can’t do that while I have young kids.

    So it’s good that the whole time I was running my own comapneis I was also writing. The writing was a side thing at that point, butnow it’s my focal point. And I would not ahve been able to make the switch so successfullly had I not been braiding — managing three life/career strands at one time.

    I hope you figure out a model that works well for you. I have foudn that blogging is a great way to sort out stuff that I have trouble making sense of in my life.


  2. andreyavail Says:

    Dear Penelope,

    Thanks for commenting the article.

    I do agree with you that people need to search for their best choices constantly.

    I do believe that a braided career has a right of existence. And this is one side of medal.
    The other is that to develop even a braided career, a person should work hard, or even stop developing other trends, just maintaining them twinkling, like in your case, when you were writing, while being a hard working businessmen.

    I think that this idea works for everyone. There are moments in our lives when we stop searching and start working hard, building what we like the best 🙂

    Thanks for comments, it’s encouraging, really.


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